Washington Times: A Night for Freedom’s “Growing Crusade” and “Big Tent”

From Milo Yiannopoulos to Chelsea Manning, the Washington Times saw A Night for Freedom as “a growing crusade” attended by “well-dressed people, from all walks of life, talking big ideas.”

The first thing that impressed me was the class, and yes, the diversity, of the attendees. These were well-dressed people, from all walks of life, talking big ideas. Many flew in from the far-flung regions of America to attend. There were whites, blacks, and Latinos, young and old, Christians, Jews, atheists, and yes, Muslims. No one seemed to care about your race, ethnicity, religion, or economic status; what people did care about was your love for America and your views on how to stop the Marxist sickness infecting the country.

L. Todd Wood, The Washington Times

Get a a sense for last year’s event by reading the article, A Night For Freedom’s Big Tent.

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