A Night for Freedom is organized by author, journalist and fillmaker Mike Cernovich to create an opportunity to socialize and party with open-minded people.

Last year a new event took D.C. by storm. No one had seen anything like it before.

Although there were political people in attendance, the focus was new.

We wanted to have a party.

A Night for Freedom, unlike traditional events, is a party.

It’s not a boring sit down dinner with rubber chicken served.

Yes, there will be speakers, and panels, and other intellectual discussion.

We are working on that now.

Who will be speaking at a Night for Freedom D.C.?

Speakers will be confirmed as the event nears.

You can get a sense for last year’s event by reading this article:

A Night For Freedom’s big tent

We’ve held panel discussions, Q&A’s with big names, medium names, and regular names.

We’ve shown film previews and broken major stories from the stage.

We’ve played music much too loudly with go-go dancers performing.

Sent an invitation request here: